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Low Impact Logging (LIL) method is essentially a harvesting method that reduces and prevent irreversible and excessive damages due to the practice of poor timber extraction. Such as in the case of the 'Crawler Tractor' method which utilizes the destructive Bulldozer for timber extraction and log skidding. In this case, later requiring the need to return and rehabilitate a heavily damaged forest. Therefore, new improve method should be introduced and preventive measures undertaken, as available rehabilitative measures are costly, time consuming and not guaranteed.

In this context, we are introduce the 'Long Cable Crane System' to extract limber from the forest. This method of timber extraction basically combines the technique of winching and lifting, performed by a single machine called the 'Logfisher'. The 'Logfisher', embodies the body of an excavator and basic structure of a crane, which include the winches, drum and pulley. In the winching operation, the cable rope which has a total length of 300 meters (approx. 1000 ft) is pulled out from the drum and taken into the forest and to the respective trees which have been felled. The cable rope is then hooked on the felled log and with the boom in a working position the log is lifted on one end to prevent the log end from digging into the earth. Then the winch which is mounted at the rear end of the boom is activated to provide an equivalent of 40,000 kilogram force (kgf) to slowly winch the log out of the forest along pre-planned corridors towards the access road. Once the log comes near the forest road it lifted out of the forest and placed along roadside landings. It is then stacked and ready to be transported out from the forest by specially designed winch lorry. This extraction procedure is then repeated for every single log and the only damage to the forest is a small corridor on the forest floor along which the logs have slide through. The corridors does not entail any canopy opening or the need for any earth cutting or clearing except for a small depression as a result of the weight of the log sliding through the forest floor.

In this extraction method, there is no need for the machine to enter the forest to haul or winch the logs from the forest as in the case of the Crawler Tractor system. But rather the machine sits on the forest road and logs are winch or haul out from the forest without pushing over trees and no excessive earth cutting to construct the skid road. This technology is recognized by the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia as one of the technology practicing Reduced Impact Logging.

The Government of the state of Kelantan is desirious to appoint the Group to implement the "LIL Method" using the Log Fisher technology as the pioneer project in Kelantan Darul Naim at the selected and identified Pilot Area measuring approximately 2,200 hectares in area and 1,000 metres above sea-level, for extraction of forest products and to be supervised by the State Forestry Department of Kelantan Darul Naim.