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We are commenced the dorper sheep activity since year 2007. Currently we have more than 400 sheep at our farm. We are target to achieve 50,000 mother sheep by year 2012.
  • Dorper Sheep is a cross breed between the English Dorset Horn & Persian goat, an indigenous of South African breed.
  • Dorper Sheep has been chosen to rear because it was hardy & tender meat compared to other species. It is also has a high reproduction rate & adapt well to a variety of climate & grazing conditions.
  • Dorper Sheep is a species easy for breeding; there is no need many sheepherders.
  • Dorper Sheep can propagate next generation within 8 month (3 times in 2 years).
  • Dorper Sheep can be achieving 30-35 kilogram (kg) within 3 - 4 month.
We has ready grown dorper sheep for corban or edible. Interested buyers, kindly contact us for more details.


Contract Farming

Under contract farming, we invite interested partners to participate in our contract farming where you'll be assured of a market for your product under our buy-back arrangement. We have various contract farming package to suit individual needed, which included 500 or 1,000 head of mother sheep or even can be customize. Interested partners, kindly contact us for more details.