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dragonfruitThe Dragon Fruit (also known as pitahaya, pitaya, huo long guo, strawberry pear, nanettikafruit, or thanh long) is the fruit of several cactus species, especially of the genus Hylocereus, but also see Stenocereus. Native to Mexico and Central of South America, this vine-like epiphytic cactus are also cultivated in tropical regions in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. It flourishes in hot regions with a moderate amount of rainfall. Periods of cold will kill the plant, and it loves the high temperatures found in tropical countries.

Dragon fruit is a perennial, epiphytic, climbing cactus with triangular, fleshy, jointed green stems. Each stem segment is composed of three wavy wings with horny scalloped margins. The stem segments may grow to 20ft long. Each through of the scalloped wings has one to three short spines, and some varieties are spinner than others. Aerial roots grow from the underside of the stems, providing anchorage for the plants to climb on walls, rocks, or trees.

We specialized on quality environmental dragon fruits plantation using bio-organically technique; no pesticides and herbicides involved. Besides growing Red Flesh Pitaya, we have also planted the White Flesh Pitaya. On year 2009, our pitaya plantation spreads about 400 acres of farm, which is located at Bentong, Kuala Pilah, and Lojing. We target to achieve 1000 acres land on year 2010.

We are currently doing mass scale farming. We'll be introducing Contract Farming concepts.

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Contract Farming

Under contract farming, we invite interested partners to join us in this amazing opportunity to plant and harvest the produce where you'll be assured of a market for your product under our buy-back arrangement. Interested partners, kindly contact us for more details.