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Under short term cash crop plantation, we have planted chili, brinjaul, carrot, french bean, etc. We are currently doing mass scale farming. We'll be introducing Contract Farming & Community Farming (for vegetables only) concepts.

brinjaul carrot chili frenchbean

Contract Farming

Under contract farming, we invite interested partners to join us in this amazing opportunity to plant and harvest the produce where you'll be assured of a market for your product under our buy-back arrangement. Interested partners, kindly contact us for more details.

Community Farming (or vegetables only)

Under community farming concept, we'll provide families with 100-200sq ft of land for them to plant vegetables of their choice over the weekend. We'll provide the seeds, equipments and expertise, and take care of their plants while the families are back in the cites. They can choose to consume the harvest themselves, or sell it back to us under the buy-back arrangement.

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We has marketed fresh vegetables from its integrated biodynamic farm and branded as Noah's Sakura & Noah's Fresh. Interested buyers, kindly contact us for more details.