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Sunberry™ Sdn Bhd. is a newly established company in 2007, the nature of the company is manufacturing nutrition downstream products by using own fruits and plants. Sunberry™ Sdn. Bhd. is a wholly own subsidiary by Modal Jati Berhad.

We has realized the importance and equally the benefits of dragon fruit that has great impression with its benefits in medicinal value, so we begun to initiate the farm plantation since 2006 to produce the highest quality environmental fruits. Therefore, Sunberry™ Sdn Bhd has established in 2007 to develop a serial quality dragon fruit sub products that could expand the information of the fruit and derive the benefits of this miraculous fruit.

We produce various nutrition healthcare series products branded as Sunberry™, which included Enzyme, NutriRich, Pro-Zyme, Herbal Infusion and so on. Our R&D team will continuously produce more nutrition products in future.

  • Dragon Fruit Enzyme 龙珠果酵素
  • Nutri Rich series 龙珠果系列
  • Herbal Infusion 草药系列
  • Fruit Concentrate 果汁系列
  • Neem Care, D’care 楫树/安宁树系列
  • G’Wellness series 糖尿病及尿酸保健食品

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