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  • 200,000 Karas trees or approximate 600 acres have been planted.
  • In Malaysia, we are the first organization to have obtained the license to extract Gaharu from the natural forest reserve and also the first to obtain the export license.
  • We are in the mid of putting up a Gaharu distil plant and Research & Development facilities in order to standardize the grading of Gaharu trade industry internationally.

Research collaboration with Nuklear Malaysia

Scope of Research:

  • Precision measurement and evaluation of karas growth responses towards three different environmental factors and conditions
  • To develop plantation management options for efficient and high productivity based on three different plantation systems and assist growers to select and adapt suitable conditions to meet their specific circumstances.
  • Economic and environmental impact studies based on different types of plantation system.

This research collaboration will enhance the experience and capability of both organizations, in the development and the management of Karas plantation in different plantation systems.